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Easter Bunny

Mark your calendar: Easter 2024 is coming soon!

Every spring, people are looking forward to a special festival that is full of joy, celebration, and hope. As shown on the calendar, Easter in 2024 is approaching, which is a world-renowned holiday with profound historical significance and cultural influence. Let's explore the origin of Easter, the date of Easter in 2024, and some exciting activities and gift giving ideas that you can participate in together.

The Origin of Easter

The origin of Easter can be traced back to more than two thousand years ago as a traditional Jewish holiday, but today it is mainly celebrated by Christians for the resurrection of Jesus Christ. According to the Bible, three days after Jesus Christ was crucified and buried, he was resurrected on the third day, which became one of the most important cornerstones of Christian faith. Therefore, Easter is seen as a day for Christians to celebrate the victory of Jesus Christ over death and to win eternal life.

Easter Day

Easter Day 2024

The Easter holiday includes two public holidays, which are the Friday before Easter (March 29/Friday) and the Monday after Easter (April 1/Monday). This is a day worth looking forward to, and people will celebrate this important religious festival in various ways. Whether you are planning a family gathering or attending a special church ceremony, Easter 2024 will be a day full of joy and reunion.

2024 Easter Calendar Holiday


2024 Easter activities

During Easter in 2024, many places will hold various activities to celebrate this special holiday. From egg hunting games to float parades, whether you are young or old, you can find some suitable ways to celebrate. Some communities may hold outdoor celebration events, such as egg smashing competitions, facial painting, and dance performances, while some churches may hold special worship ceremonies and concerts.

2024 Easter Gift

On this special day of Easter, giving warm gifts to family and friends will add a festive atmosphere to the holiday. You can consider giving some gifts that symbolize new life and hope, such as Easter eggs. Traditional Easter eggs are usually made from real eggs, commonly raw eggs. People will cook raw eggs and then use watercolor to draw colorful patterns on the surface, which symbolize the brilliance and brightness of spring. However, nowadays these small Easter eggs have been replaced by hollow chocolate eggs.

Crochet Easter eggs

A cute crochet rabbit is also a great Easter gift. Another representative of Easter activities is the little white rabbit, because it has strong breeding abilities and is regarded as the creator of new life. You can give it directly to your child or place it in the grass to stimulate their holiday interest.

Crochet Easter rabbit

Easter in 2024 is approaching, a time to celebrate new life and hope. Whether you are celebrating religious significance or enjoying the joy of reuniting with family and friends, this holiday will bring you beautiful memories and unforgettable experiences. Let's look forward to the arrival of this special day full of joy and reunion together!

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