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Why choose our beginner crochet kit?

A crochet kit that meets all the needs of beginners

Don't worry about missing or incompatible tools

Detailed illustrations and videos

Detailed and easy to understand

Complete community updates and 24/7 customer service support

Someone can answer your questions and clarify your doubts at any time

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Penguin QiQi Crochet Kit  for beginners kids
penguin crochet kit for beginners
penguin crochet kit for beginners
penguin crochet kit for beginners
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Penguin QiQi Crochet Kit  for beginners kids


Limited time $12.5 discount code :9AERFTR8E5AY
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What Our Customers Say

ICrochetIt has truly made crochet accessible for beginners like me! The penguin kit I purchased was not only adorable in design but also incredibly simple to work on. The clear instructions made the entire crocheting process a breeze. Highly recommended for anyone venturing into the world of crochet!

Sarah Thompson

Verified Buyer

Big shoutout to ICrochetIt for providing such an excellent kit for beginners! I recently got their penguin kit, and it was a perfect match for me. The design is cute, and the crocheting process is straightforward, allowing me to complete my first project in no time. I recommend it to all my friends who are starting to learn crochet!

Ryan Mitchell

Verified Buyer

The penguin kit from ICrochetIt is a game-changer for beginners. I had zero knowledge about crochet before, but this kit's guidance made it feel like a walk in the park. With its adorable design and clear step-by-step instructions, it perfectly aligns with what I expect from an ideal crochet kit. Strongly recommended for anyone interested in trying their hand at crafting!

Emily Davis

Verified Buyer

I can't thank ICrochetIt enough for making crochet so beginner-friendly. The penguin kit I tried was not only cute but also incredibly easy to work with. The instructions were clear and concise, making the whole crochet experience enjoyable. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to dive into the world of handmade crafts!

Tyler Johnson

Verified Buyer

Kudos to ICrochetIt for their beginner-friendly penguin kit! As someone who was new to crochet, this kit made the learning process enjoyable and stress-free. The cute design, coupled with the simplicity of the instructions, exceeded my expectations. I enthusiastically recommend it to all crafting enthusiasts out there!

Jessica Miller

Verified Buyer


Still have questions?


I've never picked up a crochet hook. Can I really do this?

You bet! Our kits are made specifically for complete beginners. After rigorous beginner testing, out of 1000 follow-up letters, 999 were successfully crocheted, and the remaining person was too busy to have time. Oh, believe me, my friend, you will definitely be the next to succeed. Just follow the step-by-step video tutorials that come with each kit. Our beginner kits also come pre-started to get you over the first hump.

Can kids do this?

It's the response we often hesitate to hear – it varies. Children as young as 8 have successfully crafted toys with The ICrochetIt kits! To aid your decision, consider the following questions: How involved are they in arts and crafts currently? What is their level of hand-eye coordination? How proficient are they at following video instructions? Can they sustain focus on an activity for at least 30 minutes? If these aspects pose no challenge, then it is quite probable that they can accomplish it. This experience will significantly enhance their independent hands-on skills and contribute to their overall development.

How long does it take?

For total newbies, anywhere between 3-8 hours. But once you get the hang of crochet, less than an hour!

What if I mess up?

Never fear, there's a video here! Your kit comes with videos that teach you how to fix common mistakes. Find yourself in an unbelievably unique situation? Just send a photo to support@icrochetit.com or +86 755 28212248
Take you from 0 to 1 into the beautiful world of crochet weaving.

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