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Beginner friendly yarn

What kind of yarn should crochet beginners choose?

Sometimes, when we see the adorable toys or sweaters others have crocheted, we can't help but feel the urge to crochet something ourselves. However, for beginners, crochet skills are one aspect, and the choice of yarn is equally crucial.

There is a wide variety of yarn available in the market, with platforms like Amazon offering over 7000 types of yarn products. Faced with this overwhelming selection, many enthusiasts tend to choose based on aesthetics, only to discover various challenges when they actually start crocheting. So, what type of yarn should beginners choose?

Amazon yarn types

Firstly, avoid very thin yarns like Icelandic Yarn.

While these yarns may have attractive colors and are suitable for small toys or ornaments, they pose a significant challenge for newcomers due to their thinness. Beginners, already unfamiliar with crocheting, may find it easy to make mistakes in stitch count or hook placement with such fine yarn, dampening their enthusiasm for crochet.

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Secondly, steer clear of fuzzy yarns.

While these yarns look adorable in pictures, they are not ideal for beginners. The fuzziness can significantly obstruct your vision and focus, causing you to spend more time counting stitches and placing your hook accurately. After just a few minutes of crocheting, you may feel exhausted. Therefore, it's best for novices to avoid these fancy yarns initially and opt for them once their skills have developed.

Amazon yarn2

Thirdly, avoid low-quality yarns.

Differentiating them is relatively easy because yarn prices are generally similar. If a particular brand offers significantly cheaper yarn with similar appearance and features to others, it's likely of inferior quality. Low-quality yarns can be prone to breakage, splitting, or even skin irritation. In the long run, investing a bit more in reputable yarn brands is worthwhile.

begginer crochet kit

For those purchasing yarn externally, a handy tip is to search for "beginner crochet yarn." Most products that appear under this search term are beginner-friendly, with smooth texture, good quality, minimal splitting, and clear stitches—ideal choices for newcomers. Alternatively, if you find it cumbersome or are worried about making the wrong choice, you can purchase from ICROCHETIT, where we have meticulously curated a complete set of crochet kits not only containing yarn suitable for beginners but also including all necessary accessories.

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