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Can beginners without any foundation use your crochet kit?

We have hired multiple craftsmen in the crochet weaving industry and asked them to provide multiple solutions, selecting the best one from them. Here are some beginner friendly things included in each package:

The illustrations and video explanations from 0 to 1 ensure that you have no doubts about the entire process from basic thread taking methods, weaving techniques, to the final conclusion.

A complete set of crochet tools such as yarn, crochet, fixed needle, and safety eye are all suitable for beginners.

A starting yarn block, you can directly follow this to start the weaving project.

For more video and photo tutorials, please visit crochet tutorials

Personalized support. If you find yourself struggling, take a photo of your work and send it to . Would you rather get help from other crochet beginners? Ask questions in our Facebook group.

Can children use your Crochet kit?

Our toolkit contains some sharp items, such as crochets and fixing needles. If you want children to use it, it is recommended to use it for children over 12 years old. However, the woven doll can be used by children of any age group because our yarn and accessories are made of high safety materials.

What comes with a kit?

Each toolkit has enough materials to make a woven doll:

  • A bag that can hold everything.

  • Step by step video explanation.

  • A 4mm crochet hook.

  • A yarn needle.

  • 4 safety eyes.

  • 5 woven marker needles.

  • A bag filled with cotton.

  • Enough color matching yarn.

How should I start when I receive my crochet kit?

Congratulations! You are about to enter a new world of weaving:

  • Enter learning guide

  • Choose the doll series you purchased

  • Enter the password, which is located on the back of the card in your toolkit.

I bought a kit. How do I get started?

Congrats! You've taken step one towards learning a new lifelong skill 🎉 To get started with your kit:

  • Go to

  • Click on the crochet kit you have

  • Type in the password. The password is on the card in your toolkit

Feeling slightly anxious? There's no need to be! Remember that making mistakes is entirely normal when you're tackling something unfamiliar. And if it happens, 1) be aware that this is a universal part of the learning process, and 2) simply pull on the yarn attached to the yarn ball to revert back to your starting point with ease.

Looking for more encouragement? Check out what your fellow ICROCHETIT have been up to and ask questions over at our Facebook community.

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