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How to weave a magic ring?

How to weave a magic ring?

For friends who want to learn manual weaving, magic rings are an essential part of the overall doll process. You can watch the video to learn.

Next is a tutorial on graphics and text, and you can also let me guide you step by step in weaving it.

Step 1: Preparation work

Before starting weaving, make sure we have secured a ring, which will be the starting point for our magic ring.

How to weave a magic ring

Step 2: Starting the needle

Insert the crochet from the crossed position, ensuring that the crochet is above the position of the work line. Wrap the thread around the crochet, and after completion, drag the crochet downwards to form a small loop.

How to weave a magic ring

Step 3: Complete the first SC

Continue winding and thread through the small loop on the crochet just now to complete the start of the magic ring. Remember, this starting stitch is not included in the number of stitches.

How to weave a magic ring

Step 4: SC weaving

Next, the crochet is required to complete 6 SCs. Thread through the small loop, take out the small loop by winding, and then thread through the two small loops on the crochet to complete an SC. And so on, complete the remaining 5 SCs.

How to weave a magic ring

Step 5: Tighten the ring

After completing 6 SCs, count the number of stitches. At this point, hold the thread of the coil, pull the thread, tighten the small ring, and ensure that the ring shape is perfect.

How to weave a magic ring

At this point, you have successfully woven a beautiful magic ring! With this simple tutorial, you can easily embark on a weaving journey and add a unique charm to your handmade weaving works. I hope everyone can enjoy the fun of weaving and create their own handicrafts. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and I will do my best to answer them. Wishing everyone a pleasant weaving experience!


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