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Add another yarn ball

In the event that you have depleted your yarn supply, proceed to incorporate a fresh yarn ball to continue your crochet work. This process is commonly referred to as "joining" yarn. Adding a new yarn ball in crochet involves employing the same technique employed for color changes; however, instead of introducing a new color, introduce a new ball of yarn.

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Which yarn is best for crochet?

If one is in search of the optimal yarn for crochet, the choice significantly hinges on the nature of the project at hand. For beginners venturing into crochet amigurumi, The Woobles' no-fray Easy Peasy Yarn stands out as the most user-friendly option, tailored specifically for novices. This yarn's smooth texture facilitates easy hook gliding and enhances stitch visibility. Crafting a baby blanket may prompt the preference for a soft acrylic yarn like Dishie from For more intricate projects, such as a lace shawl, a fine superwash merino wool yarn from reputable brands like Lion Brand or Bernat is recommended. Quality options can also be sourced from well-known establishments such as Michaels, JOANN Stores, as well as online platforms like Etsy and Walmart. Regardless of the envisioned project, there undoubtedly exists a perfect yarn suited to your needs.

Which crochet hook do I use with which yarn?

Selecting the appropriate crochet hook for your yarn can pose a certain level of complexity. The most reliable method to determine the suitable hook is by examining the yarn label, which typically provides a recommended hook size based on the yarn type and size. Generally, finer yarns necessitate smaller hooks, while bulkier yarns require larger hooks. However, when crocheting amigurumi, it is advisable to opt for a hook approximately 1mm smaller than the recommended size indicated on the yarn label. Considering individual variations in crochet tension, it is prudent to conduct trials with different hook sizes when working with a particular yarn. This allows you to assess the fabric's texture and ascertain whether it aligns with your preferences, ensuring ease of crocheting with the specified yarn and hook size.

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