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How to hold a crochet hook and yarn

As a novice in crochet, mastering your crochet tools is among the initial skills you'll need to acquire. The beauty of crochet lies in its simplicity – all you require are two things: a hook and some yarn. So now, let's take action!



1. Overhand grip

Hold the hook like a knife.

2. Pencil grip

Or hold the hook like a pencil, resting the hook on your middle finger and holding it between your thumb and pointer finger.


Hold the yarn with your right hand. There are lots of ways to hold yarn—the way I hold it is the way my mom taught me. Just like with the hook grip, do what’s comfiest for you. The most important thing is to keep constant tension with the working yarn, so that your stitches come out evenly. Did you read that last sentence and wonder—does my yarn have a 9-to-5 job? Let’s pause and cover some terminology:
WORKING YARN: The yarn connected to the ball. It’s the yarn you’ll literally “work” with to crochet.
TAIL: The end of the yarn.
1.Turn your left palm to face you. Hold your piece in front of your hand.
2. Wrap the working yarn once around your pinky, so that the piece ends up behind your hand.
3. Bring the piece up the back of your hand until you can drape it over your pointer finger.
4. Hold onto the piece with your thumb and middle finger. Move the yarn tail behind your piece. To tighten or loosen the tension of the working yarn, move your pointer finger towards or away from you. The loop for the hook should be in the upper right-hand corner, and your next stitch will be crocheted to the right.


If your working yarn is super loose after following these steps, try doing step 2 as close as possible to your piece.
When you put it all together, the hook should be in front of your working yarn. Your final crocheting position should look something like this:

Still have questions?

Where can I buy crochet hooks and yarn?

Crochet hooks and yarn are available at various locations. Popular options include craft stores such as Michael's or Jo-Ann, online retailers like Amazon or Etsy, and larger retail stores like Walmart or Target. Additionally, local yarn stores are worth exploring as they offer a diverse range of yarns and crochet hooks. For online purchases, websites like LoveCrafts provide a convenient platform to buy crochet hooks and yarn.

What is Easy Peasy yarn?

The 'ICrochetIt' Easy Peasy yarn is a specially crafted yarn designed for the ease of new crocheters. Its resistance to fraying or snagging makes it an excellent choice for beginners who are still mastering the art of crocheting. Additionally, experienced crocheters can appreciate this yarn as a convenient and trouble-free option for their projects.
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