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How to fasten off in crochet?

Completing a crochet project can be incredibly gratifying. It is crucial to understand the correct method of fastening off to prevent unraveling or loosening of your work. While fastening off in crochet is a straightforward process, there are various techniques available, depending on the nature of your project. In this tutorial, we will illustrate two distinct methods for concluding your crochet projects.


After completing the final stitch, instructions commonly advise to "fasten off leaving a long tail." Typically, a long yarn tail is around 6 inches or, if you intend to sew the piece onto another, at least the length of the current piece's edge. Fastening off is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the piece.

How to fasten off in crochet

1. Complete the final stitch, followed by a yarn over. Draw the yarn through the loop on the hook, leaving one loop remaining on the hook.

How to fasten off in crochet

2. Trim the yarn, leaving at least a 6-inch length from the intersection point.

How to fasten off in crochet

3. Continue pulling the yarn through the loop until a knot is formed. If you have completed crocheting a flat piece, proceed to weave in the yarn tails.

The amount of yarn to leave depends on your specific intention. If you intend to conceal the yarn tail by weaving it in, make sure to leave a sufficient length so that you can easily thread a needle and effectively weave in the tail. If you plan to connect this piece to another, ensure you leave enough yarn for that purpose and weave in the remaining tail. The technique for weaving in the yarn tail varies based on whether you are completing a flat piece or a round closed piece.

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Fastening off in crochet is a crucial technique for project completion. It involves guiding the loose yarn tails through the loop on your hook, subsequently removing the hook, and pulling on the tails to secure them tightly, preventing any unraveling that could compromise your hard work.

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