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How to yarn over in crochet

Yarning over, commonly abbreviated as "yo," stands as a fundamental element in the construction of various crochet stitches. Its versatility is evident as it can be employed before or after inserting the hook into the piece, and in some cases, multiple yarning overs may be executed within a single stitch. This simple maneuver serves as a crucial building block, allowing for the creation of a diverse range of crochet stitches with distinct textures and appearances.


1. Position the hook in front of the yarn.

2. Bring the yarn from behind the hook to the front of the hook, over the top of the hook.

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What does yarn over mean in crochet?

Yarn over in crochet is a technique involving placing your hook below and behind the working yarn. Abbreviated as YO in patterns, this maneuver serves as a foundational element for various stitches, such as the single and double crochet stitches. Consider it a fundamental building block that plays a pivotal role in creating a wide array of crochet stitches, contributing to their structure and texture.

Do you have to turn to yarn over in crochet?

Indeed, yarning over in crochet is a versatile technique that does not necessitate turning your work. It can be executed at any point in your project, whether you are working in rows or in the round. This flexibility allows for creative freedom and convenience, enabling crocheters to incorporate yarning overs seamlessly into their stitches without the need for specific work orientations.

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