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How to crochet a chain stitch (ch)

The chain stitch (abbreviated as ch) is frequently employed to augment the height of a new row, fashion embellishments such as doll hair, or introduce apertures into a piece, such as creating a handle for a basket. When a chain stitch serves as the initial stitch in a pattern, it indicates the need for a "foundation chain." The sole distinction between a foundation chain and a standard chain stitch lies in its commencement with a slip knot.

To execute a chain stitch in crochet, initiate by yarn over, then draw the yarn through the loop on the hook. Subsequently, one loop should remain on the hook.


Minimize the chance of twisting your chain by constantly moving your left hand to hold the chain as close as possible to the hook.

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How do I crochet into a chain stitch?

Upon completing the initial chain, to commence the second row of single crochet stitches, follow these steps:

1. Insert the crochet hook into the second chain stitch from the initial hook. Ensure that the hook is positioned beneath only the side of the horizontal V that is farther away from you, resulting in the appearance of two yarn strands on the hook.

2. Yarn over (abbreviated as YO) and draw the yarn through the chain stitch, resulting in two loops on the hook.

3. Yarn over again and pull the yarn through both loops on the hook, thereby completing the first single crochet stitch in the second row.

4. Proceed systematically, inserting the hook into each chain stitch across the row, and execute a single crochet stitch in each one.

How do I start a chain stitch in crochet?

Initiate by creating a slip knot. Subsequently, perform a yarn over, an alternative conceptualization of which involves placing the hook below and behind the working yarn, with the tip of the hook facing towards you. Pull the yarn through the loop on the hook to complete one chain stitch. Replicate this step as necessary to generate the desired number of chain stitches. Achieving uniformity in size may require a few attempts initially, but with practice, you will quickly develop proficiency.

How do I count chain stitches in crochet?

Each chain stitch forms a horizontal "V" shape. To determine the number of chain stitches, simply count the number of these "V" shapes. A step-by-step video tutorial on stitch counting is available for reference.

It is crucial to note that when tallying chain stitches, the slip knot created at the beginning of the chain should not be included in the count as a chain stitch.

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