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How to crochet in rows?

Utilize row-by-row crocheting techniques to create flat items such as scarves or blankets. In the accompanying video, we shall elucidate the subsequent steps to initiate your journey into crocheting in the round.


How to crochet in rows

1. Crochet a foundation chain.

How to crochet in rows

2. Commence the subsequent row by omitting the initial chain from the hook, unless explicitly directed otherwise. Introduce the hook beneath the rear loop of the second chain from the hook.

How to crochet in rows

3. Execute the crochet for every stitch in this second row using the back loops of the foundation chain.

How to crochet in rows

4.Upon reaching the conclusion of the row, chain 1 and pivot.

How to crochet in rows

5. Keep in mind that the inaugural stitch of a fresh row is crocheted into the second stitch from the hook. The hook should also traverse under both top loops of the preceding row.

How to crochet in rows

6. Iterate through steps 4-5 until the pattern is successfully concluded.

Still have questions?

How do I start a second row in crochet?

Commencing the second row in crochet involves a simple flip of your work, akin to turning the page of a book, allowing for the continuation of crocheting into the stitches of the preceding row. To initiate the subsequent single crochet row, create a chain of 1, insert the hook into the second chain from the hook, and execute one single crochet. Proceed by making a single crochet in each subsequent chain until the end.

How do I count rows in crochet?

To ascertain the number of rows executed in your crochet project, identify rows composed of V-shaped stitches. Each series of vertically aligned V-shaped stitches constitutes a single row. Additionally, rows featuring horizontal bars with inverted V-shaped stitches beneath them also signify completed rows. The distinctive appearance of crocheted rows stems from the necessity to alternate between crocheting the front and back sides of the piece during row-by-row construction. Consequently, the horizontal bars accompanied by inverted V-shaped stitches represent the reverse side of the stitches. Refer to our comprehensive video tutorial for a detailed demonstration on how to tally rows accurately.

Maintaining a record of the rows completed is advisable when following a pattern to ensure adherence to the design. Some individuals prefer employing row counters or annotating a document with each completed row. Alternatively, utilizing stitch markers aids in tracking the current row. Choose the method that suits your workflow best!

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