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How to finish an open edge with the invisible fasten off?

For amigurumi pieces intended to be sewn onto another piece with the edge still visible, there is a slightly smoother finishing technique. Similar to the regular fasten off, after completing the final stitch, cut the yarn to create a tail. Ensure the tail is long enough for sewing this open piece onto another piece.


When working on pieces that will be sewn onto another or where the edge is visible, consider employing the "invisible fasten off" technique. This method enhances the smooth appearance of the edge.

Invisible fasten off

1. Complete the final stitch and trim the yarn, leaving a yarn tail that is at least 6 inches longer than the circumference of the rim of the piece.

Invisible fasten off

2. Withdraw the hook from the piece until there is no loop left on it. Thread a needle with the yarn tail.

Invisible fasten off

3. Skip the subsequent stitch. Insert the needle beneath the top loops of the stitch following that one, from the exterior to the interior of the piece.

Invisible fasten off

4. Before tightening, insert the needle beneath the back loop of the stitch from which the yarn tail emerged.

Invisible fasten off

5. Tighten the yarn tail sufficiently to match the size of the other stitches along the rim.

The amount of yarn to leave depends on your specific purpose. If you intend to conceal the yarn tail by weaving it in (a process known as weaving in the yarn tail), ensure you leave enough so that threading a needle and weaving in the tail is comfortable. If you plan to connect this piece to another, leave sufficient yarn for that purpose and weave in the remaining tail. The technique for weaving in the yarn tail varies based on whether you're completing a piece crocheted in rows or finishing a piece crocheted in rounds.

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The "invisible fasten-off" is a method employed to neatly and inconspicuously complete a round crochet piece. This technique aims to create a smoother appearance for the edge of your piece. It is predominantly utilized in amigurumi and other crocheted items where achieving a seamless finish is desired.

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