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How to single crochet stitch (sc)

The single crochet stitch stands as the fundamental building block in crochet, serving as the cornerstone for most amigurumi projects, such as whale doll. All subsequent stitches are derived from this fundamental stitch, making it crucial to establish a strong foundation in its execution.


Single crochet SC 1

1. Insert the hook under the top loops of the next stitch.

Single crochet SC 2

2. Yarn over. Pull the yarn through the stitch to draw up a loop.

Single crochet SC 3

3. There should be two loops on the hook.

Single crochet SC 4

4. Yarn over. Pull the yarn through both loops on the hook. There should be one loop left on the hook.


If your hook gets stuck when you pull through loops, try:

  • Making looser loops
  • Checking if you’ve caught some extra yarn fibers in the hook
  • Pulling your hook in a direction more parallel to your work, to prevent your hook from getting snagged on something
  • Rotating the tip of your hook to face the bottom of your piece as you pull it through the loops

Still have questions?

How do I count single crochet rows?

To ascertain the number of rows completed in your crochet project, observe rows consisting of V-shaped stitches. Each sequence of V-shaped stitches constitutes one row. Additionally, recognize rows featuring horizontal bars with inverted V-shaped stitches underneath, as these too represent individual rows. The variation in appearance is due to the necessity of turning the crochet piece and working on both the front and back sides of the project while crocheting in rows.

Counting rows can be perplexing, so it is advisable to maintain a written record of the total number of rows completed, ensuring a clear understanding of the project progress. Alternatively, employing stitch markers is a helpful technique; you can mark the initial stitch of each row or choose a designated interval, such as every 10 rows, to facilitate tracking and minimize confusion.

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