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How to use safety eyes

Safety eyes refer to plastic bulbs that impart character and vitality to your amigurumi and crocheted stuffed toys. While these eyes are simple to attach, removing them poses a challenge. They are available in various shapes, colors, and sizes, measured in millimeters to denote the eye's diameter.

It's important to note that safety eyes are not suitable for children under the age of 3 or for pets. If you opt not to use safety eyes, you can employ embroidery as an alternative method.

For a step-by-step guide on securely attaching safety eyes, please refer to the video below.


How to use safety eyes

1. Safety eyes are equipped with both an ocular component and a backing structure.

How to use safety eyes

2. Ensure that the "right side" of the piece is oriented towards you. Carefully insert the eye between two stitches.

How to use safety eyes

3. Position the backing onto the stem within the interior of the piece, ensuring that the flat side is oriented towards the yarn.

How to use safety eyes

4. Press down on both sides of the backing to securely snap it into position. Ensure it is pushed adequately for stability, but avoid excessive force that may distort the piece.

How to use safety eyes

5. Iterate through steps 2–4 to apply the same procedure to the other eye. Determine the appropriate distance for the second eye by counting the number of gaps representing the space between stitches.


Before affixing the backings, position both safety eyes according to the pattern instructions. Subsequently, refine their placement if visual improvement is deemed necessary.

Still have questions?

What size safety eyes do I need for amigurumi?

The choice of safety eyes depends on both the dimensions of your project and your personal preferences.

For small whale pieces or a subtle design, opt for 4 or 6mm safety eyes. If you're working on a larger project or aiming for a more expressive appearance, consider 8 or 10mm safety eyes. Ultimately, the decision is yours - safety eyes can even go as large as 30mm!

Regardless of the size you select, ensure they are equipped with washer backings to maintain secure attachment.

Where can I buy safety eyes amigurumi?

There are numerous excellent sources to procure safety eyes for whale. Depending on your budget and desired size, consider exploring craft retailers such as Michael's or Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft, renowned for their extensive selection of safety eyes in various sizes and colors. Additionally, online platforms offer convenient options; Etsy boasts an impressive array of safety eyes provided by independent sellers at competitive prices. Amazon is also a viable option, featuring safety eyes from both local and global sellers.

Can I use something besides safety eyes on crocheting?

Certainly! There are various alternatives to impart personality to your crocheted creations without resorting to safety eyes.

A fantastic choice is to stitch your own eyes, offering the flexibility to decide on the shape and size according to your creative preferences. This method can be quick and straightforward, depending on the level of detail desired for each eye. If you opt for this approach, remember to include stuffing for toys or whale to enhance their three-dimensional and lifelike qualities.

Another possibility is using button eyes, available in a wide range of sizes and shapes, making them ideal for personalizing designs with vibrant colors or playful shapes like hearts or stars. Ensure that buttons chosen for projects intended for young children have received approval from an independent safety testing lab or company, similar to any commercially sold toy.

Additionally, you can employ felt circles attached with a glue gun or sewn using embroidery thread. For more extensive projects like blankets, consider experimenting with fabric paint. Simply draw on "smiley faces" or any desired design using different colors and allow it to set overnight before admiring the final outcome!

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