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How to weave a cute blue whale doll?

How to weave a cute blue whale doll?

Do you want to weave a cute blue whale doll by yourself? Are you still worried about being a beginner and struggling with weaving? Then follow me and take a look. I will tell you how easy it is to weave a cute blue whale doll.

First, open our Blue Whale Bobbi crochet kit and you will get the following:

1. Plastic safety eyes

2. Beginner friendly yarn

3. Cotton

4. Yarn needles

5.4mm ergonomic crochet hook

6. A customized crochet accessory box

These materials are the most suitable weaving materials for beginners that we have found through extensive testing. Plastic safety eyes can prevent children from being in danger while playing, thicker yarns are more conducive for beginners to weave without making mistakes, 4mm ergonomic crochet hooks can make your grip more comfortable, and customized accessory iron boxes can prevent you from reordering due to missing items.

How should we weave after receiving these materials?

You can scan the instruction manual QR code inside our packaging, or enter our tutorial interface and follow the video steps inside. From the initial needlework introduction to the overall weaving, we will teach you how to crochet a cute Blue Whale doll from 0 to 1. Don't worry if you can learn it. Before our product goes online, after many beginners have tried, they have successfully made it. Believe in yourself, you can also do it.

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